I have had the pleasure of working with Scott Nyseth on a wide variety of projects of different scale and construction types over the past two decades. I have found that Scott not only has a superb knowledge of structural systems but he brings also a keen sense of constructability and the economy of means that underlies the best structural design solutions. This results in designs that are inherently affordable to build and less prone to problems. Another quality that Scott brings to the table is his advanced knowledge regarding the interface of structural systems and components with other systems such as the building enclosure. Where teams have been working closely to design and construct high performance buildings, his smarts -and agility - have been welcomed by all team members. Perhaps most of all, Scott is an innovator. He is always looking for smarter, more elegant ways to solve a given problem. Whether it be bringing new techniques or systems to light, such as cross laminated timber, or fine tuning a structural attachment detail, Scott is always seeking the next, better idea. He is one of the finest engineers in the Pacific Northwest and I would recommend his services without hesitation.
— Mike Steffen, General Manager Walsh Construction Company
When we work with Stonewood, we are confident that their collaboration during the entire project duration, will produce a cost-effective and successful product that will meet our client’s expectations—and typically exceed them.
— Matt Olson, President Robertson and Olson Construction
Working on a building project with the combination of highly specialized technical and operational experts is a complicated endeavor even under the best of circumstances. As a building authority owner representative with a lot of ideas and needs for this project, we found Stonewood’s contribution to be exactly what we needed precisely when we needed it. What I enjoyed most about working with them is that they never said it can’t be done, instead they would say ‘let’s see how we can make that work’.
— Jessica Woodruff, Housing Project Manager, REACH Community Development