At Stonewood Structural Engineers, we serve as either prime consultant or sub consultant on projects large and small, including commercial, retail, institutional, government and industrial. We're accustomed to fast-track projects, working closely with our clients to understand their vision and business.

We are recognized for our keen sense of constructability and commitment to the efficient use or the natural resources going into each project. This results in designs that are inherently affordable to build and less prone to problems. 

We are committed to being leaders in the field of structural engineering, through code writing committees, speaking engagements nationwide, and involvement in standards for emerging technologies such as cross laminated timber. 

We have a unique ability to understand both the building envelope, and the role of the structure in supporting rather than hindering its purpose. The intersection of the structure and envelope needs to be bridged in a way that creates an efficient and durable “skin” for the building occupants and owners. Because of our knowledge in this area, we are routinely asked to provide design for projects that are required to meet the Living Building Challenge, Net Zero, and Passive Housing standards.

We are committed to creating the best solutions through our technical ingenuity, our pursuit of excellence, and responsiveness to client needs.